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From Creation to Consumer

Posted by On 13-03-2024
From Creation to Consumer Pic

From Creation to Consumer:
The Product Development Process and How a 3PL Provider Can Help

Your company will initially receive attention from consumers due to the marketing and quality of your products. We call this the ‘From Creation to Consumer’ factor. However, one of the biggest keys to keeping these customers satisfied is order fulfillment. Keep it quick, efficient, and problem-free. 

Coming up with new products and figuring out how to best market them may be your area of specialty. But, the expertise required to effectively manage order fulfillment is an entirely other matter. This is why many companies hire third-party logistics (3PL) providers to handle this part rather than managing it in-house. 

3PL providers can offer a wide range of customizable services. Services like, the storage of your products, packing orders, and the facilitation of order shipments to end customers. 

From Creation to Consumer:

What is involved in the new product development process?

One of the most important elements of a successful business plan is developing new products. Products that meet the ever-changing demands of the consumer market and keep your business active and relevant. 

Developing a new and successful product involves a multi-step process with various essential parts. This is a process that every business involved in commerce must go through at one point or another. The following are the most central aspects for the ‘Creation to Consumer’ factor:

  • Coming up with an Idea

The first step in the process of developing a new product is often the hardest: coming up with an idea. The key here is to avoid waiting for an idea that is completely unique and innovative. Indeed, with the vast range of products available these days, that is becoming harder to do.

It is often necessary to explore ways to expand on concepts already on the market. Finding creative methods to substitute, combine, adapt, or arrange to improve or change them. Make them your own.

  • Conducting market research

Once you have an idea for a new product, it is necessary to conduct thorough research. You want to ensure it will translate into an item that will succeed.

This stage could involve conducting surveys, test marketing, looking into specific market demands, getting feedback via online forums, and more. In addition to researching sales potential, it is also necessary to get an idea of your competition.

  • Create a prototype and test it

The best way to know if a product will translate from an idea into reality is to create a prototype. Then test it out. After using the product in different conditions and situations, you can return to the drawing board for some fine-tuning.

  • Marketing and launching your product

Once your product is ready to go, you need to develop a strategy for marketing it to the public.

Think about the specific demographic you want your product to appeal to. Devise creative and captivating ways to ensure this community knows of its existence. Set the stage for your product launch. Now, previous and potential new customers will be intrigued to try your new product.

From Creation to Consumer:

The role a 3PL plays once a new product has been developed.

Once your new product has been launched, you attract customers, and orders begin. From here, things can start to get a little hectic. Thus, managing order fulfillment will require serious time, resources, and attention.

This is where a 3PL provider’s role is essential. They will remove the stress of fulfillment and ensure your customers get their orders in a timely fashion. The following are some of the most important steps of this process:

  • Picking

When the 3PL provider receives the order it is assigned to a picker. The picker will receive a list of the items, the quantities, and the warehouse storage locations to fill the order.

These pickers, or possibly a picking team, will then retrieve these items from their respective storage areas.

  • Packing

Once the orders have been successfully picked, it is time to get them packed. This involves using the necessary materials to safely and securely pack these items.

  • Shipping

The 3PL provider will print shipping labels on your behalf and affix them to the customer packages. 

Most of the time, they will then contact their preferred shipping carriers to arrange the shipment of these packages. Or, they will look into various carrier options to do a cost comparison before selecting one to work with. Next, the 3PL provider will send the tracking information to you. Once you have this information you can pass this on to your customers.

How Wills Transfer Limited can help with the Creation to Consumer Factor with Order Fulfillment for your New Products

As mentioned, a 3PL provider will play a huge part in contributing to the success of a new product rollout. If you have such plans for your business and believe you could benefit from the services provided by 3PL, such as pick and pack order fulfillment in Ontario, Wills Transfer Limited can help.

Work with us to facilitate your order fulfillment for new product rollouts or existing inventory. Leverage our more than 75 years of experience. Experience that is a time-tested approach you can use to your advantage.

We offer a wide assortment of customizable services. From order fulfillment to pick and pack, kitting, inventory management, and shipping. 

If your new product launch is even more successful than expected, and you will need to scale up operations. We are well-equipped to match our services accordingly. We can continue facilitating fast and efficient order fulfillment no matter how many orders come in. 

Wills can take on as much of the process as you would like to allow you to redirect your attention.  Put your attention to the other aspects of your business to propel its success even further. 

​​For more information about our pick and pack order fulfillment in Ontario, or to learn more about the various other ways we can assist your business through our 3PL services, call Wills Transfer Limited at 613-704-7549 or contact us here.