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Warehousing and Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec since 1945.

Managed 3PL Labour Services in Eastern Ontario

Managed 3PL Labour Services

Highly Reputable, Wills Transfer’s Managed 3PL Labour Services for Businesses in Eastern Ontario.


Struggling with logistics and the need for experienced staff? Look to Wills Transfer, your existing partner, to provide you with Managed in-house 3PL Labour Services.

Let Wills Transfer Manage and provide full time inhouse 3PL Labour for your business. Utilizing our expertise, we can offer all the same 3PL Services in-house at your company as we use at our Distribution Centres. When you combine our Distribution Services with stationed in-house 3PL Wills Transfer staff you benefit from our 75 years of being in business.

What Managed 3PL Labour Services can Wills Transfer provide at my place of business?

Wills Transfer can provide specialized premium staff, experienced, and tailored to fit into your business model.

Our 3PL talent excels at handling all your logistic needs from Dispatching, Receiving, Shipping, Pick and Pack, Kitting to Health & Safety Support.

Wills in-house staff can work within our WMS, Excalibur in combination or stand alone with your WMS such as SAP, Oracle, Latitude right from your place of business.

Placing our talent in your building can deliver a strong ROE for you as a client. Your overhead, payroll, benefits, uniforms, and vacation premiums are all reduced, while your in-house logistics and your clients are taken care of.

Choose Wills Transfer to Manage your 3PL Labour Needs in Eastern Ontario

If you need highly recommended in-house 3PL Labour Services for your business solutions, trust our team at Wills Transfer and our 75+ years of experience.

Our Managed 3PL Labour Services can meet all your staffing, inventory management needs, & more. Call us to staff your business’s logistic supply chain requirements.

For more information about how we can develop your business’ logistics, call us at 1-613-283-0225 or contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wills Transfer’s Managed 3PL Labour Services

Here are some common questions regarding our Managed 3PL Labour Services. 

  • Will I have to conduct interviews and background checks on the Wills Transfer in-house applicants?
    No, Wills Transfer HR Department will look after all the pre-screening, testing, interviewing, and in-house placement based on combined determined hiring criteria.
  • I need Wills Transfer in-house applicants to undergo my company’s strict compliance training. Does Wills Transfer accept this training for their employees even if it is not relevant to Warehousing & Distribution?
    Yes, Wills Transfer in-house staff will adhere to all your required training regardless of it relating directly to Warehousing & Distribution such as, Confined Space, Fire Prevention Training, Radiation Training, Six Sigma, Risk Assessment etc.
  • Does my business need to look after vacation scheduling and coverage?
    Wills Transfer will oversee vacation scheduling and staff coverage to ensure your logistic needs are fully covered.
  • We need in-house staff that can complete Security Clearance Assessment, Drug Testing, be Bonded and receive a Police Background check. Can Wills Transfer provide this type of workforce?
    Yes, if your business requires our stationed staff meet special security clearance and checks we can screen for this during the hiring process.
  • I have a special three-month project that I would like to have Wills Transfer provide Managed 3PL Labour for. Is this option available?
    Unfortunately, Managed 3PL Labour Services is a long-term partner service that is coupled with our Warehousing and Distribution Services and is not a stand-alone or temporary offering.
Geoff Greenhill
Geoff Greenhill
As a partner of Wills Transfer for over 20 years, Camelot has enjoyed working with the staff at Wills. They are always customer-first oriented in everything they do, with a focus on quality, accuracy, and safety.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith
Excellent staff to work with
Tanya Nace
Tanya Nace
Wills Transfer is excellent in their customer service and they care about their community and world. Thank you for your commitment to making this world a better place!
Kifah El-Mousa
Kifah El-Mousa
Great place and yard for practice driving
Michael Murtagh
Michael Murtagh
Great people, clean environment and professional attitude. Will do business with them again!
Saranjit Singh
Saranjit Singh
Nice guy I am always in and out as drop and hook Restroom available Can have fries (cash only) at walking distance
Shawn Lorrain
Shawn Lorrain
Strong customer service and great level of professionalism.
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