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Warehouse Management System

Posted by On 19-06-2024
Warehouse Management System

5 Key Functions of a Warehouse Management System

Warehouses play a central role in the transportation and logistics sector. A properly managed warehouse is an integral part of operations in this domain. In order to manage warehouses more seamlessly, data engineers created an optimal solution: warehouse management system (WMS). 

A WMS is a software application designed to monitor and control various warehouse operations. They start when materials are first received into a warehouse. Then continues as the items are stored and shipped to customers. 

A warehouse management system functions like a reliable assistant for any warehouse manager. It is efficient, organized, and good at storing and pulling up information as needed.  It also comes equipped with various features that can be tailored to a warehouse’s needs.

WMSs make it easier to manage several key steps of the supply chain management process. Plus they integrate various types of analytics to enable the fine-tuning of procedures and processes. Analytics that facilitates constant improvements throughout a warehouse.

The 5 Key Functions of a Warehouse Management System

WMS applications allow warehouse managers to utilize a centralized system with a uniform interface. Thus improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. 

There are numerous ways that WMSs can be used to accelerate your transportation and logistics business, including the following:

  • Warehouse Management System, Inventory tracking

One of the most important functions of any warehouse management system is the ability to track inventory items.

In doing so, WMSs provide warehouse managers with an unmatched level of insight into the availability of all stocked items. With this degree of inventory visibility, warehouse managers make better procuring decisions. This way they have the right amount of product at the right time. And they can easily track when restocks are necessary.

This function, can eradicate a wide number of issues, such as stock shortages and stock outs. Thus increasing the efficiency of operations while preventing inventory overstock.

  • Layout designing

It is crucial for a warehouse to be laid out in a way that fosters efficiency, safety, and speed. Why? Because the particular placement of items can make a huge difference. A good warehouse management system will allow you to create an optimal layout design that will function in this way.

Applying the factors of accessibility, weight, and demand, your WMS system orchestrates where products are to be placed. This will create a systematic layout that enables smooth operations.

  • Picking, packing, and shipping

Warehouse management systems are designed to efficiently handle a warehouse’s picking and shipping activities. 

When using a WMS the correct products are picked and shipped. How? By using data to eliminate errors. Errors that are typically inherent in a manual system.

Typically they are numerous steps involved in the picking, packing, and shipping process. Items are moved from one area to another which potentially lead to cascading issues. A WMS to prevents such mistakes and keep things on track from start to finish.

  • Labour management

Since warehouses often rely on many different workers to ensure continued operations, labour management is crucial. Warehouse management systems can help facilitate this by providing real-time data on each employee’s efficiency and performance. 

By monitoring performance indicators and tracking data, a WMS can optimize staffing. This data can also help managers develop incentive systems that encourage employee productivity while minimizing workforce burnout. 

By connecting transactions with employees, WMSs also encourage an increased sense of accountability. Accountability that can pave the way for coaching opportunities for employees so they meet and exceed within their roles.

  • Analytics-based insights from a Warehouse Management System

These days, data-driven and executable insights are behind every business’s success in its ability to make strategic decisions. A warehouse management system can offer numerous extensive insights into various activities in real-time. 

With such facts and figures, warehouse managers can use this data to better plan future courses of action. Such insights can also help managers make informed decisions to reduce unnecessary expenditures and improve product delivery times.

Wills Transfer Limited for a Reliable Warehouse Management System

If you would like to leverage all of the key functions provided by WMSs that are mentioned above as well as many other benefits, you need to have access to a reliable warehousing management system. That is exactly what Wills Transfer Limited can provide.

We are one of Canada’s best-managed warehousing companies for many reasons. One of the biggest factors contributing to our success is our top-of-the-line warehousing management system. Our system enables high-quality planning, storing, managing, and the distribution of products. This allows us to go above and beyond industry standards in all that we do.

Utilizing state-of-the-art tech and data analytics, our system provides incredibly helpful insights that facilitate improvements on countless fronts, boosting both the speed and efficiency of our order fulfillment processes. As our client, you can leverage our cutting-edge warehouse management system to enhance your time-sensitive decision-making using valuable real-time data.

We have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to logistics and other 3PL solutions. 

In addition to our WMS, you can also benefit from our wide spectrum of warehousing services. Thus, we can help your business grow and succeed in more ways than one.

Whether you need pick and pack services, kitting, asset tagging, container de-stuffing, inventory management, refrigerated storage, or shunting services, we can handle it all, and you can count on us to cater each of these services to meet your unique needs. 

​​For more information about the features of our warehousing management system, or to learn more about the variety of warehousing services we can perform, call Wills Transfer Limited at 613-704-7549 or contact us here.