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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted by On 09-11-2022
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pic for Post

5 Ways to Perfect Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday eCommerce Strategy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the most popular days of the year for people to do online shopping. Whether they’re gearing up for Christmas or looking to stock up on supplies for the winter, it’s vital that you reach your customers with an effective eCommerce strategy.

In this article, we’ve got five great ways to perfect your Black Friday and Cyber Monday eCommerce strategy:

  1. Promote your goods.
  2. Offer discounts or free shipping.
  3. Be sure you have enough inventory available.
  4. Set up a cart abandonment email.
  5. Work with an Ontario warehouse services company.

At Wills Transfer, we offer a variety of warehouse services to help make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales a great success!

1. Promote your goods for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Your customers can’t know what you’re selling unless you tell them! There are many great ways to promote items that you want to sell as part of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, including the following:

  • Highlight the items on your site’s landing page.
  • Send out promotional emails.
  • Use social media to get the word out!

You can even consider putting ads on Facebook and Google to help promote your sales.

2. Offer discounts or free shipping

Everybody likes to save money. And potential customers will be much more likely to shop with you if they feel they’re getting a better deal than elsewhere. These are just a few ways to help encourage your customers to buy:

  • Offer a free promotional item or free shipping above a certain price point.
  • Cross-sell. For example, if you sell socks with pictures of cats on them, promote shirts and hats with pictures of cats simultaneously at a discounted price.
  • Offer limited-time discounts that are only available for a few days.

3. Have enough inventory available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The last thing you want to do is be faced with solid sales and then not have enough inventory to fulfill them! 

Try to forecast demand for “hot” items by looking at what’s been popular in the past and is trending now, and stock accordingly.

Worried you won’t have enough space to store all your inventory or the resources to pack and ship packages quickly? 

A great way to deal with a sudden rush is with the help of an Ontario company that offers warehouse services, including inventory storage, packaging, and shipping.

4. Set up a cart abandonment email

Many online shoppers get as far as putting things into their online cart, and then they abandon it. There are various reasons for this, such as deciding that the shipping cost was too high.

To try to recapture the sale by setting up cart abandonment emails. The customer must have made it far enough in the buying process to enter their email address for you to contact them. 

These emails could include a code for free shipping, a reminder that they didn’t finish their purchase, or even reviews of the products they put in their cart.

5. Work with an Ontario fulfillment services company

As an eCommerce business, you don’t just have to make sales—you also have to fulfill them! Fulfilling orders can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, especially at a hectic time. 

You must find what each customer has ordered, package it, and then ship it.

This can be challenging if you’ve got hundreds of orders. Hiring the services of an Ontario warehouse company can ensure that you’ve got support every step of the way, from managing inventory to having packages sent quickly.

What kind of warehouse services does Wills Transfer offer?

If you’re concerned about your ability to handle sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then Wills Transfer can help you with all our excellent warehouse services

Once you’ve chosen to store your inventory with us, you can rest easy knowing that your products are in good hands. We offer end-to-end third-party logistics services to ensure that your clients always receive the products they ordered and never have to deal with shipping delays.

Our experienced team members will take care of everything, from processing inventory when it arrives to packing and preparing shipments for both domestic and international clients. 

If you’re worried that your business is too small to need our warehouse services, our fulfillment warehousing capabilities are entirely scalable to your business.

Don’t lose out on sales because you don’t have the capacity to handle all of your orders! Outsourcing the work of processing and packaging orders can give you more time to engage with your customers and help promote your business.

Boost Your Sales with a Strong eCommerce Strategy

Good sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can hugely impact your business’s overall success. 

We’ve provided you with some great tips that you can incorporate into your overall eCommerce strategies, such as making sure you are actively promoting your sales and enticing shoppers with “goodies” like free shipping.

If you’re expecting more business than you can reasonably handle during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then partnering with a company offering Ontario warehouse services can be a great way to outsource time-consuming tasks like packaging and shipping. 

At Wills Transfer, we offer third-party logistics services to save you time and let you focus on making sales.

Contact Us to Learn More about how we can help with Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Whether you just need a place to store excess inventory or want a company that can help take on all the tasks involved in packaging and shipping, we’re here to help at Wills Transfer! 

Call us at 613-704-7549 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.