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Consider using a Warehousing Partner

Posted by On 10-08-2022
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Why Manufacturers Should Consider a Warehousing Partner

As a manufacturer, you may think it’s easier and less expensive to own and maintain your own warehousing space instead of using a warehousing service. Instead, you should consider using a warehousing partner like Wills Transfer. 

Let’s see why!

Working With a Warehousing Partner Saves You the Time and Effort of Setting Up a Warehouse

You can’t just buy an empty building and call it a warehouse; getting a warehouse set up correctly takes a lot of time and effort. For example, you need to think about:

  • Getting trained staff to run the warehouse, and security staff to protect the warehouse and its contents.
  • Putting into place safety and security measures, including fire alarms, sprinklers, and security cameras.

When you work with a warehousing partner, these warehousing services are all taken care of for you, thus giving you more time to focus on your business. By leaving your warehousing to the experts, you can free up time and money to work on expanding your manufacturing into new markets or purchasing new inventory.

Warehousing is More Than Just Having a Space to Store Your Manufactured Products

When most people consider warehouses, they just think of a large building that’s packed full of stuff. While a warehouse’s primary purpose is in fact to store items until they are needed, there’s more to them than just holding products until a client or customer orders them.

When an item is brought into a warehouse, it has to be put away as well as tracked. Then, it eventually has to be found again when it’s ready to be shipped out.

This is where warehousing services come into play. You need more than just space when it comes to a warehouse – you also need staff to maintain it and monitor orders, equipment to put items away and retrieve them, and backend technology to keep track of everything.

It can get quite pricey to pay for all these warehousing services. However, if you work with a warehousing partner, these are included in the price you pay to store your merchandise.

A Warehousing Partner can Offer Multiple Places to Store Your Goods

Another reason to consider working with a warehousing partner is that they can offer several places to keep your goods. Think of a company like Amazon: they have warehouses worldwide to ensure they provide customers with their goods as fast as possible.

While choosing a centrally located warehouse can ensure that you can quickly ship goods anywhere in Canada (and beyond), selecting from multiple warehouses offers you more flexibility than simply dealing with a single warehouse in one location.

Storing your goods in more than one warehouse also allows you to hold more inventory, meaning you’re always ready to meet customer demand. Interconnected warehousing services should be able to track the inventory you have at each location.

How can Wills Transfer help me with Warehousing Services?

If you’re interested in warehousing storage services, then we’re here to help you at Wills Transfer. When you choose us as your warehousing partner, you’re getting:

  • Several different convenient warehousing locations to pick from.
  • The option to store a wide variety of inventory, from raw materials to consumer goods! We offer both bulk and racking storage.
  • Fully trained warehousing staff and security personnel.
  • Access to third-party logistics services such as order fulfillment, asset tagging, and kitting.
  • Refrigerated storage. This can be very expensive to set up and maintain on your own. As part of our warehousing services, we constantly track the temperature in our refrigerated storage.
  • Local delivery and flatbed trailer service.

When you choose us as your warehousing partner, you’re getting over 75 years of experience and top-notch warehousing services.

We also offer additional services beyond warehousing, including distribution, fulfillment, and logistics. Whether you need pick-and-pack services, kitting, container de-stuffing, inventory management, or shunting services, we can help!

There are so Many Benefits to Having a Warehousing Partner

As a manufacturer, you’ve got enough to do just to keep up with your primary business—manufacturing.

When it comes to warehousing, instead of putting in the time and effort to build and maintain your warehouse, consider a warehousing partner. Working with a warehousing partner will save you time and money. It also allows you to select from several locations to store your goods, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of staffing and protecting a warehouse.

At Wills Transfer, we offer several different warehousing locations to choose from. We provide a wide variety of warehousing services, and the option to store many different types of products, including refrigerated goods! Our warehousing services also include fully trained staff and a robust security system.

Contact Us to Learn More About our Warehousing Services

At Wills Transfer, we take great pride in our warehousing services. Whether you’re a current customer with some questions or are looking for new warehousing services, we’d love to hear from you! You can reach us at 613-283-0225 or contact us online