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Cornwall Ontario a Major Logistics Hub

Posted by On 24-08-2022
Cornwall Ontario a Major Logistics Hub Picture for Post

Cornwall, Ontario is Growing Into a Major Logistics Hub

When you think about logistics hubs in Ontario, what cities do you think of? Perhaps the first places that come to mind are cities like Ottawa, Toronto, or Thunder Bay. You may not have considered Cornwall Ontario a major logistics hub, but it should definitely be on your list.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons Cornwall is growing into a major logistics hub.

Cornwall, Ontario


A Great Location to Serve Both Ontario and Quebec

One of the reasons we’ve chosen to offer commercial warehousing in Cornwall is that it’s in a fantastic location is, and is thus well-suited to serve both Ontario and Quebec.

Cornwall is only 100 kilometers from Montreal, making it quick and easy to ship goods to Montreal from Cornwall. With commercial warehousing in Cornwall, you can even fulfill same-day orders placed in Montreal if they are placed in the morning. 

Cornwall is also a great location to serve Ontario. With commercial warehousing in Cornwall, you can quickly ship your goods to large cities like Ottawa and Toronto. 

Cornwall Ontario Offers Land at Reasonable Prices

Another reason that Cornwall is growing into a significant logistics hub is that it provides large areas of land at reasonable prices.

For the last few years, the cost of housing has been rising in the GTA to the extent that people looking to buy a house have had to move increasingly further away from Toronto just to be able to afford a house or a condo. In short, housing and land prices are quite high around the GTA.

In Cornwall, prices are much more affordable when it comes to housing and land. This is one of the reasons it’s such an attractive place for commercial warehousing: it’s affordable for companies to build in. Also, the commercial warehouses’ workforce can afford to live nearby, making it an attractive source of employment.

Cornwall Provides Easy Access to the United States and Train Transport

The biggest concern of anyone using a logistics hub is to ensure that their products can get to clients or customers as quickly as possible.

With commercial warehousing in Cornwall, you have easy highway access to major cities in both Ontario and Quebec. Cornwall offers more than that, though; it also provides easy access to the United States and train transport.

Suppose you store items in commercial warehousing and ship your products to the United States. In that case, you’ll love that Cornwall is located very close to the Seaway International Bridge, which is used to access the United States. Cornwall is also located conveniently close to the railway, thus giving you the option to ship your goods by train.

How can Wills Transfer help me with Commercial Warehousing?

At Wills Transfer, we can offer you several convenient commercial warehousing locations to choose from. As well, we have over 75 years of experience, so you know that when and wherever you choose to store your inventory with us, it’s in good hands.

However, when selecting a commercial warehousing option, you want more than just a convenient location. You also want to know that the company you choose can accommodate whatever your needs are when it comes to commercial warehousing. At Wills Transfer:

  • We are PIP certified and our staff members are controlled goods certified.
  • We have robust health and safety policies, and responsive health and safety representatives.
  • We offer various options for storing your goods, including refrigerated, raw material, racking, and bulk storage.
  • We offer services beyond commercial warehousing, such as local delivery and shunting.

In addition, we provide several different third-party logistics services in our commercial warehousing. Whether you’re looking for someone to fulfill orders or do asset tagging and container de-stuffing, we can help!

Cornwall Ontario a Major Logistics Hub and Ideal Location

Cornwall is an ideal location for a supply-chain hub for many good reasons:

  1. It’s conveniently located near major highways and large cities, including Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.
  2. The price of land is far lower in Cornwall than in any other major city nearby.
  3. It offers easy access to both the United States and railroad tracks, providing even more options for quickly shipping goods!

We know at Wills Transfer that Cornwall is poised to be a major supply-chain hub. Companies like Walmart already have a warehouse there, and more companies are following suit. In fact, we’re building a brand-new warehouse in Cornwall that’s scheduled to open in 2023.

Our new commercial warehousing option will offer you all the excellent services our current locations offer, from top-notch security to third-party logistics. With our new Cornwall location, you’ll have easy access to major cities in Ontario, Quebec, and others in the United States!

Contact Us to Learn More About How We Can Help You With Commercial Warehousing

To learn more about our new Cornwall commercial warehousing location or if you’re interested in becoming a new client, we’d love to hear from you! You can call Wills Transfer at 613-283-0225 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.