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Posted by On 20-03-2023
Excellent CVOR pic for post

Commercial Vehicle Operator Record


What is a Commercial Vehicle Operator Record or CVOR?

All provinces in Canada issue National Safety Code numbers to commercial carriers. Ontario calls this number a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration or CVOR.

The goal of this system, above all, is to monitor the safety of commercial vehicles and remove from service those operators who are unsafe. Additionally, the CVOR system is part of the Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) program. As a result, the safety rating is based on a carrier’s performance at roadside inspections and on-site safety audits.

Ontario requires all commercial carriers to comply with the following Acts:

  • The Highway Traffic Act
  • Transportation of Dangerous Good Act
  • Public Vehicles Act
  • Motor Vehicle Transport Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • Fuel Tax Act

Who is required to obtain a CVOR?

  • To begin with, trucks that have a gross weight or registered gross weight over 4,500 kg (9,920 lbs.)
  • Next, buses that have a seating capacity of ten or more passengers.
  • Commercial vehicles plated in either the United States or Mexico
  • Lastly, all tow truck operators

How to apply for an Ontario CVOR

Operators apply to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  It takes about 10 business days for the MTO to complete the application and issue a CVOR number.

Ontario-based carriers will have to also pass a written knowledge test issued by Service Ontario.

CVORs are renewed annually.

Unsafe operators beware!

Operators will have to provide driver’s license numbers, the jurisdiction of the driver’s license, and the address of all owners/officers of the company during the application process.  Ontario uses this information to cross-reference data they have compiled.  The purpose of this is to prevent unsafe operators from opening up new companies and obtaining a different CVOR number.

In fact, it’s difficult if not impossible to obtain a new CVOR if your former company was put out of service by the MTO.  Or you had a terrible safety rating.

Source – Peter Suess Transportation Consultant Inc and The Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

So now you know what, where, when, and all the why’s about the Commercial Vehicle Operator Record or CVOR. But did you know that Wills Transfer just received our 2023 rating and it was Excellent!

Yes, based on our safety record under Section 17.1(1) of the Highway Traffic Act we are Excellent. 

Now that’s something to honk our horn about!

Check out this link to our 2023 rating if you don’t believe me. CVOR Wills Transfer 2023 Letter