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Cybersecurity, the Basics

Posted by On 16-03-2022
Picture of a smartphone on a desk featuring a cybersecurity Icon

What is Cybersecurity?

“Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.” Source-IBM

Today, thanks to computer technology, the world is a global village. We communicate with people from different continents through our smartphones, tablets, and computers by just clicking on their contact info. Unfortunately, all these useful technological comes with a risk, cyber insecurity.

Organizations continue to face a growing number of threats from malicious individuals, organized crime, and even nation-states targeting them for financial gain. These crimes include intellectual property theft, hacktivism or just to spread fear, anxiety, and chaos.

In fact, late 2021 an Ontario based trucking company was hit by a ransomware attack. As a result, the attack took their network down for multiple days causing significant issues for their operations and finances.

To raise awareness and limit exposure to online threats, Wills Transfer adopted cybersecurity awareness training for all employees.

Picture of a man at a desk with a laptop, cell phone and glasses featuring a cybersecurity Icon


Protecting against the growing number of online threats takes more than technology. Everyone plays a critical role in preventing cybersecurity incidents.

It’s not just about monitoring emails. Strong password security is crucial when we interact with our smartphones, tablets, computers, and networks.

Using the same password over a period of time increases your vulnerability to the hackers. It’s a good idea to acquire a password manager that creates random passwords for you and saves them at the same time.

Also critical… back up your files and photos in an offline location preferably on a hard disk. You can also back them up online using the cloud or Google drive

What is the Future of Cybersecurity?

Technology has fast become a fabric of human life. New devices which can connect to the internet are being developed each day. From thermostats, blinds, lighting systems, refrigerators to washing machines. The disadvantage these devices bring is they increase the chances of our systems being attacked by cybercriminals. It has made computer hacking very easy and achievable.

For these reasons, protecting your business is even more critical.

Another worry, most manufacturers do not consider the security leaks of their smart devices, leaving users at unknown risks.

Nevertheless, you can protect your business by following these 10 practical steps.

  • Back Up Your Important Data. 
  • Limit Sensitive Personal Info on social media. 
  • Enable Privacy and Security Settings. 
  • Use a Password Manager. 
  • Limit Social Logins. 
  • Know Your Digital Footprint. 
  • Beware of Public Wi-Fi. 
  • Limit Followers and Access to social media. 
  • Run Antivirus Scans and Install Software Updates. 
  • Think before You Click. 

Do Your Part!

 “The next time you’re about to go online — whether at work or home — stop, think, and then connect. Remember that you are both the target of cybercriminals and the strongest line of defense against cyber threats to your employer, loved ones, friends, and yourself.” Source –Money Inc.