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Life Lessons from Ants

Posted by On 16-11-2022
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Life Lessons from Ants 

Ants may seem very insignificant in size, but they make a huge impact in numbers.  So, you might be wondering what life lessons from ants we can learn? 

Read on…to learn all about life lessons from ants.Life Lessons from Ants post picture

Life Lessons from Ants #1 – Ants are driven by purpose

They have clear, long-term objectives and stay focused to achieve those objectives. For example, one ant has complete responsibility to find food for the colony with its team.

This stands true for humans as well. We should always have a clear purpose in our minds and stay focused to achieve our objectives. Life has a lot of obstacles and stumbling blocks but that should not put us off. In fact, life without a purpose is meaningless.

Here at Wills Transfer, our purpose is to provide world-class supply chain services. Including warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and outsourcing solutions.

Life Lesson #2 – They work as a team

Ants create small teams with tasks assigned. Team one is assigned to building colonies. Team two is sent to collect food. And team three are guards that inform the other teams about external threats.

Humans can learn from the team-building activities of ants. If you want to go far, you need a team to do so. Alone, not everything can be achieved.

Take for example, here at Wills, it is the team that plays a vital role in the growth of our business. Without our distribution teams, there would be no logistics happening here at Wills.

Ants Lesson #3 – Work and Rest

Since ants must work with natural resources, they work in summers and rest in winters. In a limited time of summer, they have a lot to get done. They must save food and build colonies to survive in winters.

There is a good lesson to be learned here. We cannot work all the time, if we do so, we get burnt out. Instead, we should work smart, save our energies, and schedule our work smartly.

Just like ants Wills’ teams and processes are structured to do the work right the first time every time. Smart!

Lesson #4 from Ants– Think big

Ants are small in size, but they think big! It is astonishing to see ants create big colonies for themselves. This shows organization and of course intelligence.

The takeaway here is, that if you want to get something done, think big! We should have big dreams for our future, our size does not matter.

Thinking BIG is a strong philosophy here at Wills Transfer.

Life Lessons from Ants #5 – Carry a workload you can handle

You will be surprised to know; that an ant can handle right up to 100 times its current weight. However, beyond that, they know their limitations.

We as humans know about boundaries, and our limitations too. We should not overdo our efforts beyond our reach. The key to successful work is to be smart.

Because of this, at Wills, we use all the right material handling equipment in our warehouses. Like ants, we work smart to get the job done right.

Best life Lesson #6 – Serve one another

As we have discussed above, ants work as a team. They serve one another for the bigger vision.

Similarly, humans also work that way helping each other in times of need. What goes around comes around. If we help someone today, it will come back to us in ways we could never imagine.

In fact, all it takes is one simple question, what can I do for you? Or as we say at Wills Transfer how can we better serve our customers?

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The Anthill Lesson

Ants show us many of the same traits that make a good person. They are industrious, they work as a team, and they have generous hearts. Because of this, ants are an excellent sign of what we should do in life if we want to be successful and happy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you are antsy to learn more. The Ant

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