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The Right Food Logistics Provider

Posted by On 30-03-2022
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Finding the Right Ontario Logistics Service Provider for Your Food Store 

Inventory management can be a challenge in any industry, but perhaps none greater than retailing food. Not only are you juggling inventory flow based on sales and production, but there are also expiration dates to consider. For this reason, finding the right logistics service provider for your food is critical.

All food stores, from small corner shops to massive supermarkets, rely on customer loyalty — and that means reliably full shelves for convenience and reasonably priced items for commerce. 

Logistics can make or break this process; a great company ensures the seamless flow of goods. Finding a company that specializes in logistics in Ontario is the key to controlling your supply chain. 

If you’re on the hunt for a logistics company for your food-related business, there are some key things to keep in mind. This article provides a sneak peek at the realities of logistics businesses, so you can weed out the novices and choose a true industry expert. 


Logistics in Ontario: Keeping Business Close to Home

Logistics Ontario can trust comes down to accessibility. This province connects to Detroit via a major shipping route. It holds the largest portion of Canada’s population and provides ample opportunity for business, especially in food (everyone eats, after all). 

When you keep your logistics within the province, there are no border issues, the drivers know the routes and the roads, and there is far less risk of delay. Logistics manages the supply chain; the longer a chain, the more chances it breaks. When you operate a business in eastern Canada, it only makes sense to have a logistics company there as well. 

So, now that you know how important it is to keep your logistics pros close by, you can continue the search. Identify logistics companies based in Ontario and determine whether they cover the route you need. If so, then create a shortlist of candidates before doing a deep dive into their credentials. Your food store deserves the best, so some things to keep an eye on include:


The repute of your logistics company matters, and not just the reviews (but you should definitely look into those). Reputation is rooted in repetition. It’s not the court of public opinion, it’s the actual proof that the logistics business has proven successful for years. That means it’s faced adversity and survived, and can help your business do the same. 

Wills Transfer Ltd. opened up in 1945, it maintained successful operations come rain or shine (or snow, since it’s Ontario). Through economic ups and downs, instead of standing still, it expanded to six distribution centers that serve everyone from Montreal to Western Quebec, Ottawa to Toronto. With distribution centers, the proof is in the pudding (especially if what you’re selling is an expiration-sensitive good like actual pudding).

Turnkey service

Especially when dealing with food products, the fewer hands the product passes through, the better. A commercial warehouse that offers refrigerated storage and complete pick and pack services removes the stress of inventory control. When a warehouse can accommodate both inventory tracking and shunting, you can centralize operations and add efficiency.

Type of storage

Not all items store in the same way. Bananas have vastly different requirements than ice cream. Canned beans require different packaging than dried ones, and finding a warehouse with versatile approaches to storage is paramount. Correctly handling your inventory reduces spoilage and helps you fulfill orders with food of optimal quality. 


When it comes to logistics, Ontario requires some specific technology for the shipping and handling of products. For starters, just imagine the icy winter roads that curve through the province. Reliable trucking and storage methods are essential to get your goods to their destination securely. Particularly with food items that can get easily damaged by condensation or temperature, finding somewhere that automates these features is important. 


Supply chains that involve food are often complex, simply due to the cyclical nature of the inventory itself. Security is about more than ensuring no vigilantes steal your shipment, it’s about maintaining transparent inventory tracking. Informational security and physical security have equal importance, so make sure your Ontario logistics company accounts for both. 


One of the main benefits of keeping things close to home is the reduced cost of logistics. Close proximity from distribution centers to clients allows for reasonable pricing and reliable service. When you vet logistics companies, make sure that you obtain quotes with specific services. Be clear about the food you handle to make sure that the facility can fully accommodate your needs. Centering your supply chain (as best as possible) is a surefire way to reduce costs. 


It’s impossible to maintain business in the modern era without embracing automation in some form. From the device you’re reading this on to the way you manage your inventory, technology can make life a lot more convenient and comfortable. Those benefits extend to food companies’ logistics because there is less room for human error. 

Our brains compose images based on scattered input, meaning people can literally overlook something (including inventory). It’s a part of the reticular activating system called a scotoma, and computers don’t have them. Well-programmed software and machinery can exceed human efficiency and precision. The result? Accuracy, efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. 


Storing Food Responsibly 

Efficiency is the key to success when it comes to the supply chain, but you’re busy running a business. That’s why logistics experts provide such a valuable service. When you find the right fit, with quality technology and end-to-end services, you can rest easy knowing your goods are in good hands. 

Food logistics range from handling pantry goods to international shipments, perishables to controlled substances. The good news is that, even if your business has an international reach, there are local options available for all types of storage and shipping. Equipped with a strong supply chain and good relationships in the business, your business can truly thrive. 

To learn more about how Ontario logistics experts can help you find ‘The Right Food Logistics Provider’ for your business scale to new levels, contact Wills Transfer at 613-283-0225 or send us a message here

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