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Warehouse Safety Tips

Posted by On 24-02-2023
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7 Warehouse Safety Tips to Consider

Warehouses can be hazardous work environments making warehouse safety one of the biggest concerns. Warehouse staff need to follow a strict set of safety measures. 

Not adhering to safety measures can lead to life-changing injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. Before implementing all necessary warehouse safety measures, you must fully understand the main risks faced by warehouse workers.

Heavy Equipment Accidents

One of the leading causes of safety mishaps in many warehouses is heavy warehouse equipment like forklifts. When employees are not properly trained on equipment or there is overcrowding the potential for accidents increases.

Workers can easily be hit or run over by a forklift, fall between the trailer and the lift, or fall from an elevated platform while using the equipment.

Trips, Slips, and Falls

Many warehouse injuries come from trips, slips, and falls. There are many reasons that such accidents occur. For instance, the cause may be slippery or uneven warehouse floors or an accumulation of debris, grease, or cords lying in walking areas.

Exposure to Chemicals

Warehouses store hazardous chemicals for various purposes. These chemicals may accidentally leak or spill at some point. When they do, these leaks or spills can be dangerous for warehouse employees. Simply breathing in these chemicals can be very harmful, and skin exposure can be even worse. 

Falling Objects

Warehouses are full of items that are stacked high. If there are poor operations setups, or someone makes a mistake in how they stack something, objects can fall from high up and hit employees on the way down. Depending on the weight of these objects and the height from which they fall, the injuries employees can sustain have the potential to be very serious. 

7 Ways to Maintain Warehouse Safety

With so many potential risks in one work environment, catastrophe can quickly strike. Safety measures need to be established and imposed on all workers. 

If everyone is conscientious regarding safety measures, then risks are minimized.

1. Provide Proper Training

Adequate and widespread training is paramount in the maintenance of warehouse safety. Every employee that steps foot in the warehouse should have received proper training beforehand. 

They should be aware of environmental risks and how to avoid them. It is important for any worker that needs to operate heavy equipment like forklifts.

2. Wear Proper Clothing

Given all the risks of working in a warehouse, wearing proper gear at work is essential for all workers. In most cases, this will include special head protection, like a hard hat and protective gloves. Other protective clothing, like bright or reflective vests, can be necessary in some cases. These can help improve an employee’s visibility so they do not go unnoticed when going around heavy equipment. 

3. Use Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is made specifically for the protection of all workers, which is why it is crucial to use. Ensure everyone knows how to properly use safety equipment by implementing regular refresher courses. 

It may also be necessary to post signs in and around areas where employees use the equipment to remind workers and bring it up during meetings to drill its importance. 

4. Ensure Safe Racking Measures

Although racking is at the center of most warehouse operations, people can neglect safe and proper racking measures. When racking items, the size and weight capacity of racks must be kept in mind. 

It is also necessary to conduct regular racking system inspections to look for signs of damage like cracked paint, dents, and damaged or missing components. When you find such signs, replace the racks to maintain safety. 

5. Properly Ventilate Work Areas

Adequate ventilation is key in warehouses, especially when things heat up in the summertime. Proper ventilation will minimize the chances of workers overheating and experiencing issues like heat stress or heat stroke. 

In addition, harmful chemicals in the warehouse need proper ventilation to prevent workers from being exposed to toxic fumes. 

6. Maintain Vehicle Safety Measures

To begin with, the entry/exit point to a warehouse, loading docks, often has many vehicles coming and going. Therefore, all staff working in this area and all drivers are aware of operational procedures when loading, unloading, and transporting materials. 

When safety procedures are followed, vehicle-related accidents are minimized. 

7. Employ Ergonomics Practices

It is common for warehouse workers to experience musculoskeletal disorders as the result of overusing certain body parts or using improper lifting practices. 

Therefore, teaching warehouse workers how to lift heavy items is important to their health. Also, investment in equipment that is ergonomically optimized. 

How Wills Transfer Limited Can Help Eliminate Your Warehouse Safety Concerns

If you are concerned about warehouse safety management in Ontario, Wills Transfer Limited can help put your mind at ease. With our commercial warehousing, you will not have to worry about all the time, effort, and attention that must go into warehouse safety. 

In fact, we will take on the responsibility of storing and transporting all your products. It eliminates the time spent dealing with these matters allowing you to focus on your business. 

Our commercial warehousing comes with inventory control and management services. So, whether you have raw materials, components, or finished goods, we can track inventory levels to ensure you never run out of stock. Additionally, we will provide measures to ensure your inventory is kept safe. 

Security is accomplished with surveillance systems, warehouse-restricted zones, and GPS tracking devices in all our transport trucks. Our pick-and-pack services will also help ensure that all client orders are prepared before shipping. 

We have over 75 years of experience in the industry, and our services are guaranteed to fulfill all your needs. We take health and safety very seriously regarding commercial warehousing. It is why we have extensive safety procedures and on-site health and safety teams at all of our warehouses. 

Allow us to handle your warehousing and shipping for you so that you can minimize the risks you and your employees face.

For more information about our commercial warehousing services, call Wills Transfer Limited at 613-704-7549 or contact us here