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Wills Transfer & Future Vision Ministries

Posted by On 09-06-2020
Wills Transfer & Future Vision Ministries

“Working together to provide safe clean drinking water to parts of Africa.”

Who are Future Vision Ministries (FVM)?

FVM is a small charity with a focused goal: A Malawian vision for building communities in Malawi.
The people of Taulo and Nandolo have an inspiring vision for a bright future.  With local leadership and overwhelming community support, these two areas of southern Malawi are developing grassroots programs, initiatives and services to improve the lives of their most vulnerable and provide a stable future for an empowered generation.
Volunteers and donors from around the world provide financial support for these communities.

Water and Sanitation

FVM has been engaged in the provision of clean and safe water through the drilling and ongoing maintenance of boreholes (deep wells), and the training of water users’ committees in borehole maintenance and cleanliness. So far, FVM has provided two boreholes and has been maintaining an additional six. Prior to deep well drilling (boreholes are on average 48 meters deep) they used “shallow wells” … basically scooped out hollows that collected surface water. Surface water which sanctioned livestock to drink and seepage covered with slime from fecal material etc. to contaminate which causes cholera.

The main symptom of cholera is copious diarrhea leading to severe dehydration and frequent death. Diarrhea leads to 8% of all deaths in Africa (2.2 million per year most of them less than 2 years old) and 20% of all deaths in areas like Taulo and Nandolo. The treatment for diarrhea and resulting dehydration is ORT (oral rehydration therapy) that comes in a little pack like NeoCitran which you then must mix with water. The very water which caused the problem in the first place!

Eliminating shallow wells also eliminates standing water which is a breeding ground for malaria mosquitoes.

FVM Empowering Women Picture Empowerment of Women

As women and girls do almost 100% of water carrying. The close proximity of the wells allows more time for studying for the girls. Education is enhanced when they have time to study and advance …. childhood pregnancies and child marriages are lower with increased education and the wells serve to lessen the risk of being sexual abused as was often the case when they travelled to far away wells.

FVM Newton Sindo Country Manager Meet, Newton Sindo, the Canada-Malawi Liaison Development officer.

His role is to ensure that all tribes are heard from before planning for what is best for that area of Malawi. “It is important to not barge in and build the wells without the tribe’s consent so all decisions must come from the African people as they are the ones to maintain and use the well operations.”

 How does Wills Transfer help FVM?

Wills Transfers gives monthly support to FVM Africa for their deep well drilling program. Clean water improves the quality of life for the people of Taulo and Nandolo and helps reduce the deadly disease, cholera. Each well is worth about $8,000 CDN.

Deep wells also provide Irrigation for crops … rather than being totally at the mercy of constant droughts. The last well dug was used to irrigate thousands of Moringa plants for nutrition and medicine. Link to Moringa Plants. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319916

FVM Where there is vision, the people perish 4



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