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Advantages of Racking Storage Solutions

Posted by On 26-10-2022
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4 Advantages of Racking Storage Solutions

Warehousing space can be costly, especially in high-density population areas. Anyone who owns a warehouse or rents warehouse space is always looking for ways to make the most of their square footage—and one of those ways is to understand the advantages of racking storage solutions.

These are some of the many advantages of racking storage solutions:

  • First, it enables you to make efficient use of warehouse space.
  • Second, it provides storage options other than bulk.
  • Next, it supports fast order fulfillment.
  • And last, it reduces damage to merchandise.

At Wills Transfer, we offer racking storage solutions to companies working or distributing goods in Ontario and Quebec.

1. Racking enables you to make efficient use of warehouse space

One of the most significant benefits of racking is that it allows you to use warehouse space more efficiently. A lot of warehouse space is needed for employees and equipment simply to transport goods, and racking storage increases the space available to store goods.

With racking storage, you are making the most of the warehousing space that you own or rent. You can store multiple items in one spot instead of having everything take up valuable floor space. By using racking, you can store much more in your warehouse than you could without it.

Racking can also reduce the time needed to place or locate goods in a warehouse.

2. Racking Storage Solutions provide storage options

Another advantage of racking in warehouses is that it supports more storage. These are just two of the ways that it does so:

  • More items can be stored in one place together since racking is designed to hold a lot of weight.
  • Goods can be shrink-wrapped to take up less space, and placed all together in the racks.

Racking can also be an excellent choice for goods that are simply being stored and do not need to be unpacked or repackaged while in a warehouse.

3. Racking Storage Solutions supports fast order fulfillment

Another advantage of racking is that it supports fast order fulfillment. Whether you want to remove a single pallet or an entire package of bulk items, having all of them in one place speeds up the order fulfillment process.

As well, there are many benefits to fast order fulfillment:

  • Primarily, it enables staff members to complete their jobs quicker.
  • It also frees up critical equipment faster so it can be used elsewhere.
  • Finally, it increases customer satisfaction. After all, nobody wants to wait for the goods they ordered. So, the faster an order is fulfilled, the happier customers will be!

4. Racking reduces damage to merchandise

In addition to the advantages we’ve already mentioned, another benefit to racking items is that it reduces damage to merchandise. For example:

  • Racked merchandise can often be wrapped, providing it with extra protection. As well, items are less likely to be jostled or fall off a pallet accidentally.
  • Goods stored in racks can be moved directly on the pallet they’re stored on, meaning less need to handle them directly.

How can Wills Transfer help me with Warehouse Racking Solutions?

No matter your warehousing needs, we can help. When you partner with Wills Transfer, you’re working with a company with years of experience in warehousing and third-party logistics.

At Wills Transfer, we offer you:

  • Several convenient warehousing locations to choose from, including Brockville, Ottawa, Perth, and Smiths Falls. We’re also, in 2023, opening a brand-new warehouse in Cornwall.
  • With convenient access to a variety of ways to ship your goods. Our warehousing locations are close to major highways, railway lines, and the Eastern seaboard.
  • A large variety of warehousing services. We have highly-trained security-cleared personnel and offer several different kinds of storage, including bulk storage, refrigerated storage, and raw materials storage that can be paired with local delivery services.
  • Interested in third-party logistics services? We provide those too! We can help you with pick and pack services, order fulfillment, kitting, asset tagging, container de-stuffing, and more.

If Ontario warehouse racking solutions is your primary interest, we can help you with that. At our warehouses, we offer a variety of racking solutions and are committed to giving our clients the warehouse storage solutions they need. 

Contact Us to Learn More

At Wills Transfer, we strive to offer you complete warehousing and third-party logistics services. You can choose from our several convenient warehousing locations and a variety of third-party logistic services to streamline your product delivery process.

To learn more about Racking Storage at Wills Transfer please give us a call at 1-613-283-0225 or contact us here 

Our team is here to discuss the best Racking Storage options for your products. Warehouse Racking in Ontario