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Embodying ‘People Matter’ Values

Posted by On 29-12-2021
Embodying ‘People Matter’ Values People Holding Hands

Embodying ‘People Matter’ Values

One of our greatest gifts is our ability to be individuals so embodying ‘People Matter’ values may look different to everyone. To some, it may come as a surprise when we see how deeply into our lives our values present themselves.

Whether it be our own personal values, or the values of a company, they are a clear sign of what truly matters to us at our core. The things we value most tend to be reflected in our actions, results, and within our own lives. Because values are what makes us who we are.

If good health is your value, you will prioritize nutrition, movement, and wellness. Fit in healthier meals, add a walk after work, or time set aside for quiet reflection and meditation.

You’re never late and always meet deadlines. You arrive early for meetings and stay on top of your projects. You value time.

Honesty is your core value. You have tough conversations and own up to your shortcomings. You stay open to feedback and hold yourself accountable towards your behaviour.

If you value people, you may feel the need to forge a large-scale humanitarian effort, or volunteer hours to organizations. Contribute financial donations consistently throughout the year or in large sums annually.

“As we look at the people around us and have this conversation, it’s important to remember this one thing: That they matter, we all do.


A basic statement, but I encourage you to ask if you embody the value that ‘People Matter’ in your life?

Did you take the opportunity to wave to a stranger, say thank you, or to simply stop and offer support to one another?

The last time you made a mistake, did it take a team to help you clean it up?

As you participated in a fundraiser did you acknowledged those who supported and/or benefited from your goal?

When you dared to experience something new was it those around you that ignited your courage?

Possibly, you found yourself facing a less than desirable experience. Then found yourself surrounded by love and support.

Words of encouragement and actions of acknowledgement can go a long way, especially with each other. Setting time aside each day to say good morning to your colleagues. Asking them about their holiday plans or sending a friendly text to a family member. These are just a few small ways to show people they matter to you.

Remember your team. Embrace your loved ones. Reminisce about your adventures, and those you’ve met.

I challenge you to ask yourself daily: if I value people – and myself – how does that show up in my life?

Finally, my message for the allies, those who truly model and believe that ‘People Matter’ – even when they may feel like they don’t – Thank You. Thank you for your kindness, your willingness to uplift others, and for being an example of what it looks like when someone embodies their ‘People Matter’ values.


By Stacy Kenney R.P.P., P.T.P


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