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Our Journey to 75 Years – Warehouse Fun Facts

Posted by On 07-08-2020
Our Journey to 75 Years – Warehouse Fun Facts

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Warehouse Fun Facts from Our 75 Years

  • A primary lane for us is Perth-Gatineau which is 68 miles. We have repeated this trip 17,762 times which equals 1,207,816 miles or 5 trips to the moon.
  • Warehoused over 684 miles of cable or the same distance as 2 road trips from Ottawa to Toronto and back.
  • 42,741 man-hours on a single project which if covered by only one person would have taken approximately 20 years to complete.
  • We have stored 87,000 pounds of pickles which is the same weight as 1 transport hauling 2 trailers.
  • 8,868 appliances have come through our doors and we have no kitchen staff! Uh.
  • Upwards of 200,000 Canadian Tire Tokens have been stored with us. That’s a lot of car washes!
  • Interesting fact, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night have kept us from picking & packing over 31,156 shipments for Purolator and Canada Post.
  • We off loaded, palletized and shipped 143,000 cases of liquor for the LCBO in a two-month period and we accounted for every drop.
  • 10,968 pallets (and counting) of car parts fill our rows-upon-rows of racking.
  • 3,457 railcars have been off loaded, which if linked together as one train would stretch from Smiths Falls to Brockville, ON. on 27.32 miles of track. All Aboard!!!
  • If all the rolls of pulp, we have off loaded were taped together we could ascend and descend Mount Everest 8 times.
  • 2,253 rolls or 4,695,252 yards of filament tape fibers have rolled across Dock 7.
  • 206,834 rolls of pulp have been stored which is the equivalent of 510,052,644 lbs. of chicken wings.
  • We have 689,000 square feet of warehouse space with 24’ high ceilings so, if you wanted us to store pineapples, we can hold up to 16,000,000 of them for you!
  • 5,896,714 cartons for Royal Container have called Wills Transfer their foster home.
  • 75 Olympic size pools could be filled with the 49,634,575 gallons of oil we have shipped for Shell.
  • In a 9-month period we shipped 408,209 cartons of tape for IPG. If we had only used a single employee to load these, that would be about 283 cartons loaded per hour. Our warehouse staff are machines!

We know none of these Fun Facts would get us into the Guinness Book of World Records, but is does make for some interesting reading!

Brenda on August 8, 2020 at 5:34 pm